Top Line

Your Nickname

At the top of the lobby is your nickname (e.g., ☕ deadhead). That can be useful if you want to see how you've customized your nickname (e.g., with capitalization, punctuation, white-space or emojis).

Players Manual

Immediately to the right is circled-i icon. If you click that icon, this Players' Manual is opened in a new tab or window.


The next icon looks like three horizontal lines, each with a dot in front of them. This is the reports drop-down icon. It's where you can choose to see various leaderboards or the recent tournaments.


By default, the net profit leaderboards only show players who have won more Fun Money in payouts than they've paid in buy-ins. However, if you have a non-positive balance and you want to see it, you can hold down the shift key when you click one of the leaderboard menu items. If you hold the shift key down when you click and you don't see your nick, then no tournaments have finished that you were entered in.

Recent Tournaments

Recent Tournaments brings up a list of the non-demo/non-test tournaments that have finished in the last month.

Each row contains the starting date and time of the tournament, the Fun Money buy-in, the number of entrants and the name of the Event. If you click on a row, the results from that tournament are displayed.

Bragging (or crying) Rights

When you bring up the results of a specific tournament, there is a little icon to the right of the name of that tournament. It looks like a couple of (three if you count the sideways one) links in a chain. If you click on that icon, the URL for this result will be copied to the pasteboard which can then be pasted into email, twitter or some other messaging system.

Here's an example:


Beyond that is a drop-down menu to the rules for almost all the games Mb2 knows how to deal. Action Razzdugi does not currently have an entry, but it's just like Razzdugi, except the Razz half is Action Razz.


The next item is a bell, which allows you to mute the gong. The gong is rung when a new tournament is added. That alerts people to the presence of the new tournament so they can sign up. If your bell is green, the gong will be played. If gray, it won't. If you hover your mouse over the bell, it will tell you its status.

Some daily tournaments have the tradition of encouraging the winner to pick the following day's tournament. It's viscerally satisfying to win, create the successor tournament and then bang a gong.


If you are logged in to a non-demo account, your final icon will be what looks like three horizontal sliders. Clicking it allows you to set preferences that are remembered indefinitely.