If you click on the preferences icon in the top line of the lobby, you'll get a modal dialog that looks something like the following.

Almost all of these preferences control what will happen on subsequent table windows created for you. The New Tournament check-box in the Sounds To Play section is the exception. The New Tournament sound comes from the lobby.

The slightly confusing options are: Four Color When Badugi Deck Color option and the Only When Auto-Seated Auto-Center option.

Four Color When Badugi

Four Color When Badugi is a setting "between" Black and Red and Four Color.

Black and Red always uses black for clubs and spades and red for diamonds and hearts.

Four Color always uses green for clubs, blue for diamonds, red for hearts and black for spades.

Four Color When Badugi uses Black and Red unless the game currently being played uses Badugi ranking when figuring out how to award or split the pot, in which case Four Color is used. So whether or not to use a four color deck can change each time the game changes.


When you play a tournament, you do not get to choose your seat, hence you are auto-seated.

When Ring Game support is added, you'll have the option of choosing your seat when a seat is available or having a seat assigned to you when coming off a wait list.

So, for now, there's basically no difference between Always and Only When Auto-Seated.