After you sign in, you'll be in the lobby, where you can see the active tables, a list of upcoming tournaments and recent chat.


The top line in the lobby starts with the nickname you've logged in as. After that are icons.

The second line lists the others logged in.

If any tables are active, each gets a row with the table id and a list of the players at that table. The table id itself is a link. If you click on it, you'll get a new window that allows you to observe that table.

The list of players at a table does not include former players or observers. When a player busts, that player remains at the table as an observer until that player leaves (i.e., closes the table window).

Any upcoming tournaments that you're allowed to join are listed below. To join, click the check-box. If you change your mind before the tournament starts, click the check-box again and your buy-in will be refunded and you won't be in the tournament when it starts.

When you join a tournament there may be esoteric options that you can choose via a pull-down in the right most column. They should be self-explanatory. Above that column is the little white plus sign that brings up the tournament creation modal dialog (see below).

The column labeled # is the number of players currently signed up. If you want to see which players are signed up, bring your cursor over that number and the entrants' nicknames will be revealed.

The starting time is in the timezone that your browser is configured to display. That's normally the timezone you're in, but check the three letter timezone abbreviation to be sure.

A synopsis of the tournament structure is in the Tournament column. If you bring your cursor over the synopsis, more details will drop down.

The rest of the lobby is chat and a box for you to type your own chat. All chat is logged, but only the chat from the last twenty-four hours is displayed when you log in.