New to Poker?

If you're new to poker, mb2 might be a little overwhelming. The current mb2 player base is a group of people who already have quite a lot of online poker experience. Most of the current participants know each other or want to help test the software or like the fact that mb2 deals a lot of esoteric games.

The current industry leader is PokerStars and they have a nice page you can view without registering. An up and coming challenger to PokerStars is GGPoker and they have a Poker School that requires registration. PokerStars also has a school.

From mb2's developer's point of view, poker can—and should—be fun, but poker can also be addicting. We're pro-fun and anti-addiction (but non-judgmental). Nothing about mb2 is designed to encourage you to play too much poker, much less get addicted.

If you play on mb2, great! Welcome aboard.