Poker, with your friends

Mb2 is poker software with a nice friendly player base.

Mb2 is in an early stage of development. The server is world-class, full-featured and state-of-the art. However, the user interface is currently mostly unstyled.

The server improves almost every day. The styling of the user interface has slipped repeatedly, but has not been forgotten nor is it being ignored.

Read no further, Try the Demo

Although ugly, the user interface is mostly self explanatory. As such, you can try the demo and only come back to this document if you're curious.

There's more information about the demo on the next page of this book. To advance to the next page, scroll to the bottom of this page and then click the > in the lower right corner.

Come back for a tournament

Although you can create your own tournaments and have them start whenever you want, typically, the regulars start at least one tournament per day.

The tournaments have Fun Money and bragging rights as a prize.

The WSOP-Style Series 2024 tournaments start at 5:05 Pacific on weekdays and 3:03 PM Pacific on weekends.

This manual is… Player Driven

Maintaining this documentation is currently, low-priority.

The regular players already know most of the information herein and "outsiders" become insiders simply by joining and playing. However, if there's anything you're curious about, ask in the lobby. Not only is it likely that someone will answer, but your question and its answer may well make it into this manual and help someone else.