There's a button labeled Demo on

Go to the site, click that Demo button, and you'll be presented with a modal dialog.

Default Values

If you click the CREATE button without changing any of the values in that dialog, you'll get a 2-player No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament whose structure is based on the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event.

You'll then be logged into a demo account and be placed in the lobby. At the bottom of the lobby chat will be instructions in red telling you to click the Start button to start the tournament you just created.

When you click Start, your browser will attempt to open two pop-up windows, one for each player. If a pop-up blocker prevents the windows from being opened, you'll told how to proceed.

To Demo Something other than 2 Player Texas Hold'em

If you'd rather explore something else, you can see other games by choosing a different structure.

Demo Limitations

Demo accounts are able to chat with non-demo accounts, but are not allowed to join events that require a buy-in (the events that don't require buy-ins are demo events and testing events).

You are not able to change preferences of a demo account.

So, after you've played with the demo, you may want to create your own account.