Fun Money

Mb2 "keeps score" by tracking "Fun Money", an abstraction of what a real life poker player spends and perhaps wins while playing poker.

No Intrinsic Value

Mb2 keeps track of how much Fun Money you spend and win. It's a point system that helps keep the playing of virtual poker fun and challenging. Although it has no intrinsic worth, players are encouraged to take it semi-seriously, because, for mb2's intended player-base, playing with people who are all taking it semi-seriously is more fun!

You start with Zero, but…

When you create an mb2 account, you start with no Fun Money. However, most events allow you to participate by running a deficit. You can lessen your deficit and run a surplus by winning.


The only thing you can spend Fun Money on is buying into events, i.e. Tournaments or Ring Games.


The four ways you can gain Fun Money are:

  1. Finishing high in a tournament
  2. Busting a player in a bounty tournament
  3. Being one of the top three ticket winners in a derby tournament
  4. Leaving a Ring Game with more chips than you entered with