Mb2 is currently tournament-centric. This is mostly a side-effect of tournaments being more complicated than ring games. Sometimes when creating a new architecture for a software project, it makes sense to implement the more complicated parts first, especially if the less complicated parts are in some sense a subset of more complicated ones.

Joining and Unjoining

The tournaments that you're allowed to join show up in the lobby. Each has a checkbox to the left. If you mark the checkbox before that tournament starts, then when it starts, you'll be included. If you change your mind, just uncheck the box.

After a tournament has started, if the tournament supports late registration, you can click the check-box and join that tournament in progress. If there is a seat open, you'll be seated immediately. If not, a new table may need to be created and that will only be done when there are enough movable players (players not in a hand) on the existing tables to move enough to create a new table, but keep things balanced.


The Tournament Creation page is in the Lobby sub-section of this manual, because you create a new tournament by clicking on a circled plus sign that's in the lobby.