Shareable URLs

When you are at a table, the URL in the location portion of your table's windowframe is a URL that you can share with people. People who visit the URL can watch the game (if there's still something to watch).

For example, the URL was from a tournament on February 22nd, 2022. Specifically, that was deadhead's (player #10) URL. The tournament started at 5:05 Pacific and deadhead bust at 6:15 Pacific, so if anyone had visited that URL between when the tournament started and when deadhead bust, that person would have seen the game playing in real time.

If a URL includes a player, then it is player-specific and the observer will automatically follow the player if the player is assigned to a different table.

If a URL is visited after the player has bust or won, a summary of the event will be displayed. E.g.,

Deadhead Bust