Review Button

Clicking the review button brings up a pane in the lower left corner of the table window. That pane shows the ending of the previous hand: players' hole cards (unless they mucked) and the hand they made.

The winning "high"1 hands are in green (and bold, so color-blind people can recognize them). The winning "low" hands are in blue (and italics). If you mouse over a high or low label that has won chips from a pot, the amount won is displayed as a "tooltip". If there are multiple pots (due to one or more players being all-in), the amounts won from each pot are shown.


Some games split the pot with two different high hands, e.g., Dramaha, where one high hand is made using the board and the other high hand is made using solely the player's hole cards. In games like these, one of the two high hands gets the extra chip if there is one. It's the high hand that gets the extra chip that will be in green and bold.