WSOP-Style 2022


The WSOP-Style 2022 Series consisted of a tournament a day from Saturday, June 11th through Sunday, July 3rd, 2022. Each tournament started at 3pm Pacific time (6pm Eastern).

There was no late entry. Additionally, instead of re-entries, the tournaments used rebuys. The difference being that rebuys happen immediately after you bust and you retain the seat that you were busted in. So, when the structure sheet said the tournament supported two re-entries through level 15, you were allowed (but not required) to rebuy up to twice, but only through level 15.

This series was open to the public.

Prize for first place

Craft Poker Co. sent a physical prize to the winner of each tournament in the series1. The prize will be an Engraved Rectangular Glass Paperweight unless they run out or other unforeseen circumstances.

There will probably also be nicer prizes for the top three leaderboard at the end of the series, but nothing has been finalized yet.


Mb2 knows which tournaments belonged to this series and there is a "WSOPS Leaderboard" available from the lobby.

The leaderboard tracked Fun Money. Each of the tournaments had an FM 200 buy-in and Fun Money is awarded using the BARGE Unified Payout Schedule. All rebuys were for FM 200 each and all of the Fun Money from rebuys goes directly into the prize pool,

The top three profitable players were:

3rd760ADBDaVoice 🎤

The Tournaments Were


except to the winner who lives out of the country. His paperweights have been engraved and are being kept for him by deadhead.