Turn Based

Poker is turn-based. All poker games have at least one round of betting where players with uncommitted chips must act, e.g., fold, call, bet or raise. Some poker games also have rounds where cards are "manipulated" (for want of a better term), e.g. discarded or exchanged for new cards.

Although action and manipulation is done in a specific order, in most cases the user interface allows a player to tell the server how that player wants to act or manipulate in advance. When it is a players turn to act or manipulate, if that player has a valid advanced request pending, it is used.

Being Put On Vacation

If it is a player's turn and that player doesn't have an advanced request, a timer is started and that player must do whatever is required for that turn before the timer runs out our that payer is put on vacation.

If a player is put on vacation when it is a player's time to act, that player will check if checking is an option. If checking is not an option, that player will fold.

If a player is put on vacation when it is a player's time to manipulate the player's cards, the minimal manipulation possible will be done. For example, if a player has the option of standing pat (i.e. not discarding or exchanging any cards), that' what the player will do. However, if a player must discard a card, the server will choose a card to discard.

How the Server Decides Which Cards to Manipulate

If the server has to choose a card for manipulation, it will not take the rank or suit or other cards into consideration. In other words, the server will not try to make a good choice for you, nor will it try to make a bad choice for you.

A Vacationed Player May Win a Hand

It is possible for a player to win a hand on vacation, but only if the player starts the hand not on vacation. The act of being put on vacation doesn't fold a player, so if a player is put on vacation and can check for the rest of the hand, that player's hand will still be live at the showdown.

Starting On Vacation

If, however, a player starts a hand on vacation, that player's hand will be folded before showdown.

No Show

In a tournament, if a player goes on vacation before acting or manipulating, that player is considered a no-show until that player does act or manipulate. While a player is considered a no-show, the player's hand will be folded before the first round of action or manipulation.