Each tournament is governed by a structure, like you would see on a structure sheet. The information in a structure is a combination of information that is stored in a structure template and parameters that are customized, typically by choosing values in the creation dialog.

Mb2 does not yet have the ability to create structure sheets, but the first step toward doing that is to provide a human readable version of structure templates. The beginning of that functionality was introduced at the end of April, 2024.

Differences between Structure Templates and Sheets

Customizable Parameters

Several structure sheet items do not come from the template. So, although they will be on structure sheets—when structure sheets are implemented—they are not on structure templates:

  • Buy-in
  • Bounties
  • Comment
  • Starting Criteria
  • Seconds to Act
  • Calling Time Criteria
  • Synchronized Breaks (i.e., whether to use)
  • Late Registration

Thank you for your patience and understanding.