I had no intention of returning to the poker software business. I certainly didn't want to compete with the Napolitanos and I had several other opportunities to pursue. However…

My name was out there

Loic Dachary

I was quite honored to be invited to a meeting of people writing poker software in JavaScript. Loic was working for OutFlop and I was amazed by what they could do with JavaScript and impressed that they were building Open Source.

Serious Time Sinks

I don't want to encourage addiction. I've heard about it from a developer and seen it in players.

Anonymous MMO developer

A friend of mine was a lead developer on an MMO. Well after the MMO was released, he heard from several people that they had spent way too much time on that MMO. It was sufficiently addicting that they felt they had lost far too much their life and somehow he was to blame.

Anonymous MMO players

A couple other friends of mine got very active in an MMO and… eventually decided that they had wasted months, if not years, of their time due to the addictiveness of this game.

Rust is an awesome language

I read a lot of good things about Rust and eventually I started dabbling in it. Eventually I started thinking about writing another poker server. By then Poker School Online had been bought by Poker Stars and my software had been completely decommissioned, so I wouldn't be competing with the people who bought multibot.

The more I played with Rust the more I wanted to learn (although to be fair, there were days when Rust's steep learning curve was pretty intimidating).

My daughters liked to play poker

My wife and I used a bunch of the money I got from Poker School Online to go through five rounds of in-vitro conception, resulting in three children. As they grew, I spent a little time playing an MMO with my eldest: my son Elvis. For some reason my daughters enjoyed (at least briefly) playing poker with me with real cards and cheap chips.

Margaret and Iris

So, being terminally lazy—and wanting to learn Rust—I decided to write software to deal poker rather than having to get out, play with and put away actual cards and chips.