The first four were put together and run in 2020 and early 2021 as substitutes for the normally-in-a-casino BARGE, FARGO, ATLARGE and EMBARGO events. Each of those four series were private. In order to even see the tournaments in the lobby, a player needed to be authorized.

Although not nearly as much fun as meeting in person, the substitute series were fun and well-received. However, they're in the past and there's not much point to documenting them in this book, except this little exchange on the ATLARGE mailing list in March 2023:


I'm in an embarrassing situation and I need your help, please.

ATLARGE2020 did not happen in Atlantic City due to the pandemic raging at that time (April 2020). Instead, we held an on-line ATLARGE2020 later in the year, on Deadhead's poker site.

Long story, but I've been doing a lot of packing and unpacking lately, and just came across the winner's trophy for the ATLARGE2020 NLHE event. So here's my problem: I can't remember who won! If anyone can remember who won this event, or better yet if the winner will contact me, I will arrange to get your trophy to you.

To which I replied:

Oh you fucking prick.