WYWAE stands for "Wish You Were At EMBARGO". The WYWAE series was an mb2 tournament dealt for each of the EMBARGO tournaments. There was no fee to enter and entry was available to the public.

The winner of each tournament will receive either an engraved Solid Crystal Faceted Emerald Cut Desk Weight or has received $50 via Venmo or Zelle (each winner got to choose).

The Tournaments

All five tournaments were held in February. The first was on Thursday the 9th, then the following two days each had two tournaments.

The times listed in this table are all in Pacific Standard, since that's what was on the structure sheet due to it being the time zone of Las Vegas. However, in the mb2, the times will be in the time zone your browser is configured for (which—for most people—is your local time zone).

Each of the events in the table below is a link to the appropriate page of the EMBARGO 2023 Structure Sheet. Although the EMBARGO Structure Sheet is being used as a reference, this series was not sanctioned, endorsed or in any other way sponsored or related to the BARGE organization. It was put on by Craft Poker Co., a completely unrelated corporation.