WYWAB stands for "Wish You Were At BARGE".

WYWAB is an annual series of mb2 tournaments that uses the same tournament structures (and typically same starting times) as most of the tournaments that are spread at BARGE.

WYWAB tournaments are open to all and they're free.

In 2023, the winner of each tournament received $50 via Venmo or Zelle.

The Tournaments

In 2023, all eight tournaments were held in July. The times listed in this table are all in Pacific Daylight, since that's what was on the structure sheets due to it being the time zone of Las Vegas. However, in the mb2, all times are in the time zone the browser is configured for (which—for most people—is their local time zone).

Each of the events in the table below is a link to the appropriate page of the BARGE 2023 Structure Sheet. Although the BARGE Structure Sheet is being used as a reference, this series is not sanctioned, endorsed or in any other way sponsored or related to the BARGE organization. It is being put on by Craft Poker Co., a completely unrelated corporation.

Some Differences

Mb2, the software used to run the tournaments is very flexible, but WYWAB 2023 was put together quickly. As such, two of the complex-to-implement structures were not dealt (NLHE Crapshoot tournament and 3 Hand Hold'em).

For the tournaments that were dealt, some differences were just to improve the online experience and keep the tournaments from taking too long:

  1. Except for the Tournament of Champions style tournament, rounds lasted ten minutes. The Tournament of Champions style tournament had seven and a half minute Hold'em rounds, nine minute Stud rounds and eleven minute Omaha/8 rounds.

  2. There were no chip races.

  3. Breaks started "on the 55", which means that once each table has finished a hand after fifty-five minutes after the hour, all tables will get a five minute break.

These differences, however, were due to a lack of time:

  1. In each tournament with a big blind ante, the antes were posted before the big blind. That meant that if you only had a fraction of the big blind after paying the ante, you were only able to win the ante plus the amount of chips you got when you multiplied that fraction of the big blind by the number of players who had also put in that much or more.

  2. Final tables of mixed game tournaments did not restart the mix at the beginning. So, for example, although the Limit 6 Game HORSE tournament started with Hold'em, the final table continued dealing whatever it was dealing before the other table that was merged into it.

  3. The "No Limit Hold'em Go the Distance Bounty" tournament was played until there was only one player left. That player, ts4z, won the $50.