Mexican Poker

In addition to the information here, Mexican Poker is now included in the BARGE Rule Book.

Another set of rules for Mexican Poker are those at The Bicycle. The ones at Poker Fandom aren't bad except they incorrectly claim that the lowest up-card is the bring-in (The Bicycle rules get that right). Additionally, the WSOP 2019 document also has their explanation (although you'll have to search for "Mexican Poker" to find them).

The big things to know about Mexican Poker on mb2 are:

  • the Up and Down buttons refer to how you want your next card dealt
  • Mb2 does not visually discriminate between a down-dealt and an up-dealt joker

Mb2 does recognize that a down-dealt joker is wild, even if it's subsequently turned up. So, the right thing will happen, but there's currently no visual representation reminding you the state of the joker. This can be trivially fixed, but it requires someone to create assets and we haven't yet requested anyone to create them, since the current interface will be going away "soon".