Sevens Rule Penalty

The penalty is:

After violating the Sevens Rule, further action from that player, for the remainder of that hand, will be lost or returned. It will never increase the amount to be won above the amount to be won pre-violation.

If a player checks a seven and subsequently folds or loses the hand, there is no penalty, because that player would not win anything anyway.

However, if a player checks a seven, post-draw, and shows the best hand, all of that player's post-check action is returned to the player.

Furthermore, if no other hand tied the best hand shown by the violator, then everyone's action beyond that check, from any pot that includes that hand, is returned.

If there is a tie between one or more Sevens Rule violators and one or more Sevens Rule followers, the post-draw action of the Sevens Rule violators is returned to the violators and the remaining amount in the pot is awarded to the non-violator (or split evenly if more than one non-violator has a tying winning hand).