Table Balancing

When there are three or more tables in a tournament, mb2 will keep the player counts of each table within two of each other. It will do this by moving one player at the end of the hand from a table that has more than two more players than the smallest table. The player that is moved will be the player that has the worst position (e.g., about to take the big blind). That player will be moved into the worst position. As such, that player will not move into a worse position than that player would have been in anyway.

When there are enough empty seats to accommodate all the players in the smallest table, that table will be broken. The players at the broken table will be assigned to other tables at random.

When there are two tables, mb2 will keep the player counts of each of the two tables within one of each other. It will rebalance the same way that is done when there are more than two tables.